"Gia Plaka"
means "for fun" in Greek and this is what you'll experience in this traditional tavern, besides others as well. This unique place used to be an old coffee shop, owned by today owner's family. Nikos, who is now in charge and welcomes you to Gia Plaka, learned all the secrets about the local cuisine as he was growing up, surrounded by the old men in the coffee shop. 

Nikos is the one who undertook the old traditional cafe and made it an incredible tavern. With loyalty and respect to the traditional elements, he added modern details that have now made the place a hot spot on the island of Skyros. In "Gia Plaka", you'll taste delicious varieties of titbits, all made of ingredients produced in Skyros and the rest of Greece. Indeed, everything you'll taste there has intense Greek flavour! 

Cozy environment, plain white decoration with nice details, perfect service and incredible dishes are some of the characteristics of this remarkable place! Enjoy it!